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So my husband got his second drunk driving in January and he just got sentenced to 6 mts in jail. We just bought a new house in April now I get to pay everything myself and take care of my four kids. So I am very pissed at him. Why should I be nice? He did this to himself and it just sucks that we all have to suffer from his dumb ass decision. 

Teenager girls are hard!!!

Being a parent is never an easy thing. My 16 year old has a very controlling boyfriend that has changed everything about her. Thr2type of music she listens to the clothes she wears and even who she hangs out with. I told her she was no longer allowed to talk to him because I feel he has too many issues and is not good for her. She then cut her wrist and is giving me all kinds of issues. Does anyone have any advice on how to help her get over him?